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S Scale Brass Detail Parts

Sale 2014


Orders must be in hand by 9-1-14


Al Castellani of http://www.eastwestrailservice.com has graciously allowed me to sell the brass parts I designed for his S Scale C&O stock car. While they were taken right from C&O plans all parts could be used elsewhere on other cars depending on your expected level of accuracy. There are no end sill and draft gear sets available anywhere in S Scale. The stirrup steps, ladders, brake platform brackets and brake shaft brackets are all usable on other models.


All parts were designed in Solidworks, the files were 3D printed as master patterns and cast in brass.


As always with my project sales these parts are a ONE time offering. All items will be made to order. Buy what you want now. Once the orders are shipped these parts will be retired. I am not selling you the parts I kept for me in a year from now.


These are difficult parts to cast. My caster charges me the same price if the tree is complete or if some parts did not form completely. I will try my best to include all complete trees but a few trees may be short a few parts.


All orders are payable in full in advance including shipping.

No returns or refunds are accepted for any reason.

Make your checks or money orders out to:


Bill Lane

305 Dubois Ave

West Deptford NJ 08096


Funds will be deposited when the production run of parts is here.


Shipping via USPS without tracking and insurance is a flat $10.00 per order in the US no matter how many trees you buy. Contact me for a foreign shipping rate.


Some of the parts trees have a U shape to them. This is the brass feeder and it is waste. If you look carefully at the parts there are slight differences in the thicknesses to designate where to trim the parts to the correct size.




The Order Form is HERE



ETA for the production run is mid to late September.


I am extremely happy that random measurements of the parts are only off by .005 from the intended design dimensions!


Stirrup Steps

A MUCH needed part in S Scale!



c&o stock car stirrup step 1 c&o stock car stirrup step 2


Stirrup steps


Stirrup Step Tree

4 cars worth of stirrup steps

$18.00 per tree


Draft Gear and End Sill

This draft gear is the best one I have made yet!


The end sill and draft gear are designed to mate to each other. They can be soldered together as a unit. The draft gear is designed to accept a Kadee S Scale coupler. It is slightly reduced in width (15) for better appearance, but it might have issues in using delay uncoupling. But the coupler shank can be easily modified for the full delay coupler swing. There is an A end and B end sill. The bumps on top of the sill are for a cut lever. There are spotting holes to drill through the B end sill for the brake shaft. The rivets on the top rib of the end sill did not reproduce well, showing the limitations of 3D printing even when done on a high end production machine. The loop for the train pipe air valve printed and cast well. The front face of the draft gear has great details! There is a hole in the back of the draft gear if you are screwing to a wood or plastic floor.


end sill & draft gear assy. end sill & draft gear assy. 1


draft gear front draft gear top


c&o end sill tree End Sill


c&o stock car draft gear tree 1 Draft Gear tree


Draft gear 1 Draft gear 2


Draft Gear $16.00 per tree

End Sill $8.00 per tree


Brake Shaft Bracket

This bracket is for securing the brake shaft at the top of the car.

It could possibly be used as a pulling loop too.


c&o stock car brake shaft bracket 1 brake shaft bracket


Brake Shaft bracket Pulling loop


$6.00 per tree


Brake Platform Bracket


brake platform bracket side brake platform bracket


brake platform bracket tree

$6.00 per tree



The ladders reproduced very well!



Side Ladders

side ladder 2 side ladder 1


Side Ladder tree


End Ladders

On 1 end ladder I left what was going to be a support on that makes the side rails look like they are the same length.


It could be easily cut off or left on for another look.


end ladder 1 end ladder


End Ladder Tree


All Ladders are $10.00 per tree



All photos 2014 Lanes Trains

Updated 8-9-14