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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

PRR K4 3858The K4 was imported by Omnicon in 1987. It was made by Samhongsa. I was extremely lucky enough to have bought this K4 as shown below. All of the Omnicon K4 were produced as built. This model has had a lot of Modernization work done to it. I have had K4 5387 for over 25 years. It was owned and modernized by the late Jack Bounds. It has remained very unchanged in that time until 2-12-17. I put in a new gearbox to replace the Samhongsa CRAP free rolling gearbox, a larger boiler weight, WOW4 decoder (it never had sound before) and a LED headlight. 5387 had a very nice drop coupler in the modern pilot. Jack made the linkage folding just like the real thing. But that had to go in favor of a working Kadee coupler.


I will eventually add some details Jack did not have the parts for because I made them, and repaint it. I picked 3858 because it ran on the PRSL late as it was retired 4-58, and I already had a good collection of photos.




S_Scale_K4_3858_2 small




S_Scale_K4_3858_3 smallS_Scale_K4_3858_4 smallS_Scale_K4_3858_6 small


K4 5387 on 5-25-20

To be clear this is still an awesome modernization job done by Jack. I used it as a guide when making my 5495. Most of the work will be replacing the handrails stanchions and the Keystone numberplate to change the loco number.


S_Scale_K4_3858_7 smallS_Scale_K4_3858_8 smallS_Scale_K4_3858_9 small


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Updated 5-25-20

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