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Rosie Banner


4-13-06 to 9-1-17


She was a VERY LOVED doggie


Adopted 4-27-12


The Mama to Pickles, Shelby & Lizzie


When we got Pickles we thought we would be a “One Doxie” family. As we met other Doxie owners it became apparent not many had just one! More than once we heard “You only have one?” I thought that getting Rosie might be a nice thing. The puppy stage especially housebreaking is particularly long with a Doxie so I could happily skip all of that – so I thought. Timing did not work out so we got Shelby instead.


I thought that Shelby might be the last of Rosie’s puppies but she had more on March 6th 2012. 


At the end of March 2012, Rosie was offered to us for adoption and of course we said yes.



Here are photos I took of Rosie when we got Pickles and Shelby.



7-9-09                                               7-22-11

Papa_Buster small Rosie small


From Beaver Valley’s website taken on 7-6-11.

Mama_Rosie small



On April 27, 2012 we made one more trip to Beaver Valley Dachshunds

in Bloomsburg PA to get our girl. It was a little family reunion.


Donna and Rosie                            Lida and Rosie            

Donna_&_Rosie small Lida_&_Rosie small


Shelby meets his sister Lizzy                                      Shelby and Papa Fabio        

Shelby_&_ Lizzy small Shelby_&_Fabio small


Coming Home

Coming_Home_1 small Coming_Home_2 small


Welcome to your new home

At_Home_1 small At_Home_2 small

At_Home_3 small At_Home_4 small



It Rosie took truly 2 seconds to adjust to our house. She went into the yard for the first time like she

has lived here her whole life. I am sure that having Pickles and Shelby helped her figure it all out quickly.


Rosie is slightly bigger than Pickles and Shelby. She has the deepest bark of the 3 of them!

She was about 25 pounds when we got her. Rosie is now a svelte 19 pounds from her running around the yard.



Here is her first video.




Rosie is a very happy girl living here with her boys.

She chases them and rolls around in the dirt like she is ONE of the boys!


Rosie_1 small



Rosie poolside on 6-22-12

Rosie_Poolside_1 small Rosie_Poolside_2 small


Rosie in her new pink shirt on 8-10-12

Rosie_In_Pink small


Rosie and Sabrina on 2-14-13

Rosie_&_Sabrina small


Rosie running her laps around the pool 6-29-13

Rosie_Smiling small


A tired Rosie at Bill & Cathy’s Dachshund Party 8-23-15

Tired_Rosie small


Updated 2-25-18

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