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Pickles Banner




Click on the photos to make them larger


Donna has talked about getting a Dachshund for YEARS.

I wanted to make this dream come true for her.



Our Little Man!

Pickles Montgomery Lane

(Guess who named him!)

Born 5-14-09

Baby Pickles

This is the first photo I saw of him on Beaver Valley Doxie’s website

Baby_Pickles_3 small


Icon 2

Pickles is also known as:

The Furry Fury

The Hairy Child

The Tan Terror

The White Fang from West Deptford

2 dogs long & ½ dog high

The Toy Destroyer

Bubby Wubby Boy

The 20 Pound Alarm Clock

Super Doggie


Do I smell a


doxie clipart

around here?






Picking him up at Beaver Valley

on 7-9-09

Papa Buster                                   Mama Rosie

Mama_Rosie small Papa_Buster small



          Lida and Pickles                   An arm full of Dachshunds!

Lida_1 small Lida_2 small



Coming Home

Coming_Home small


Donna meets Pickles

(It was a complete surprise to her)


Donna_3 small




7-11-09 Photos

                              Uncle Jerome             Big & Little Hot Dog                           

Jerome_1 small 2_Hot_Dogs small


5 pounds of very cute!

Pickles_1 small Pickles_2 small



Pickles meets the other Dachshund that lived in our old apartment

2_Doxies_1 small 2_Doxies_2 small


He is “easy on the eyes”

Pickles_3 small Pickles_4 small


Lounging by the pool on 8-27-09

DSCF2865 small


Nude after a bath on 9-30-09

DSCF2081small DSCF2078 small


DSCF2083 small


Stylin Pickles

(Dachshund Quarterly did call!)

DSCF3198 small DSCF3202 small


Pickles riding the Simpson’s Monorail

Monorail Pickles small


Pickles meets Heidi – a friend’s mini

DSCF3340 small DSCF3343 small


Playing in the 12-19-09 Snow Storm

Pickles is FEARLESS in the snow!

He is 16 pounds now too!

DSCF3467 small DSCF3471 small


DSCF3470 small DSCF3474 small


Pickles_Snow_5 small Pickles_Snow_6 small


Pickles is running my trains

Pickles_NCE_DCC small

from the couch!


Pickles’ Christmas Card

Pickles_Christmas_Card_2009 small



We opened the pool in early June 2010.

Pickles was swimming with us right away!


Swimming_1 small Swimming_2 small


Swimming_3 small Swimming_4 small

He likes the raft a lot.


Pickles_Donna small Pickles_Swimming small


Pickles_Raft small


Rockin The Tie Die!

Tie_Die1 small Tie_Die2 small


Pickles and Shelby

At Glassboro Dog Park on 3-15-12

Pickles_&_Shelby small


On the trip home from Beaver Valley when we adopted Rosie on 4-25-12

Pickles_&_Shelby_1 small


Diving Pickles on 6-14-12

Pickles_6 small


Pickles and his Pickle Car 9-23-14

Pickle_Car small


Muscular Pickles is just bustin out of his Santa suit at our Christmas Party 12-12-15

Pickles_5 small


The Incredible Diving Pickles on 7-23-16


Pickles absolutely loves to go swimming. He is like a 5 year old boy. You can’t get him out of the pool.

If you throw a toy in the pool he will jump in to get it for hours.


Diving_Pickles_1 small Diving_Pickles_2 small

Diving_Pickles_3 small Diving_Pickles_4 small Diving_Pickles_5 small

Diving_Pickles_6 small

Email Pickles

He checks his email from his adoring fans often!



Updated 2-25-18

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