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Covered Hoppers Banner

I have found that the opening hatches on covered hoppers to be very annoying, especially when I am painting the cars. I solder them shut on my cars. There is nothing in there to see anyway!



Airslide Hoppers

These Airslide Hoppers that were imported by River Raisin Models in 1988. I added draft gear, and cut levers.


Golden_Loaf_Airslide small

When I learned that the PRR had the 1965 Airslide I searched for a paint scheme for my second car. I found that the B&O had 10 of the 1954 Airslide hoppers. While there are no known photos of it, I have been told by B&O freight car Guru Chris Barkan that I am probably close to being correct with my car.


B&O_N45 small





Completed 1-20-14


These H30, H30a and H32 were imported by River Raisin Models in 1989. I added draft gear, cut lever brackets, cut levers and trust plates to both cars. For H30 254351 it was a sharp departure for my usual “dusty” weathering style. It is by far my most aggressive weathering to my own cars to date. More will be coming. Note the PRSL Return to data.


Added 1-25-14

H30_254351_1 small H30_254351_2 small H30_254351_3 small


H30_255191_1 small  H30_255191_2 small H30_255191_3 small


PRR H30a


I modeled this car after PRR Builders Photo E20553, which meant some extensive cutting of the decals and individual pieces to match the car. But I do not have the same trucks as the car in the Builders Photo. I added draft gear, cut levers and Trust Plates to this model.







The H32 was imported at the same time as the H30 by River Raisin Models. My friend Gus painted this car in about 1990 before I started painting my cars.




This car has an interesting history. It was damaged when I bought it. A large unfriendly object was dropped on the roof caving it in somewhat. I unsoldered the roof, took it off, straightened everything out, and reattached it. I added cut levers, draft gear and Trust Plates to this model.




B&O N34 Wagontop Hopper

River Raisin imported the B&O N34 hopper in July 1993. I added the draft gear and cut levers to both cars

N34 small


N&W ACF Hopper

This car was made by Overland in the late 1980s. It is the only brass car I painted for myself that may be less then accurate. I am not sure if N&W had a car like this with the notched center. I had the car and the decals. You can see what I did with them.

N&W_Covered_Hopper small



Updated 10-10-17

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