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South Jersey S Scale Modelers

Tank Cars Banner


Single Dome


AMPX Trusweet 17515

Downs Model Railroad

Added 4-17-22



GATX 31057 Bakers Chocolate

Downs Model Railroad

Added 4-17-22

The Bakers Chocolate is a very popular American Flyer car. When Russ Downs made his line of tank cars this was a must do for him. There was a reaction to the paint as the cars got older. Many have the gray paint fractured and flaking off the ends. Luckily my car is complete in good condition.



GATX 91382 Cargill

Downs Model Railroad

Added 4-17-22



SHPX 20605 Shippers Car Line

W A Drake – Factory Painted

SHPX_20605 small


Overland/NASG OMI-4001 Uninsulated

Shippers Car Line 4030 Cities Service

Added 2-18-18


SHPX_4030 small

Shippers Car Line 4724 Pennsylvania Salt

Overland/NASG OMI-4004 Insulated Low Pressure

Jerry Glow Decals

Completed 3-4-14


SHPX_4724 small


SOVX 238 Mobilgas

W A Drake – Factory Painted

Mobilgas small


Frank Titman built cars


These cars were built by Frank Titman for his Spiral Hill Railroad, built in his way of detail it to a point and move on. I don’t know or care about their accuracy. Frank built – good enough. I got them after the layout and rolling stock was liquidated in 2013. He offered a tank car kit but I never built one. I don’t know where the frame came from but they are metal. Luckily the cars are nice and heavy. Adding weight would be very difficult. I removed the original Ace trucks with the code 125 wheels, and added S Helper Service trucks with code 110 wheels. The 125 wheels caused flash shorts on my turnouts.


CSOX 2542 Cities Service

Cities Service small


DSLX 105 Redpath Sugars

Redpath small


WSRX 245 Mobilgas

Mobilgas small



By Downs Model Railroad

Added 4-17-22


Double Dome

CSOX 2880 Cities Service

W A Drake – Factory Painted

CSOX_2880 small


GATX 481 Flying A Gasoline

W A Drake – Factory Painted

Added 11-18-16

GATX 481 small


Shippers Car Line 91 J M Huber

Overland/NASG OMI-4002 Insulated Low Pressure

Jerry Glow Decals

Completed 2-24-14

SHPX 91 Small


Triple Dome


DRX 6061 Deep Rock

W A Drake – Factory Painted

DRX_6061 small



The J&L tank car was S Scale’s first piece of commercially made brass rolling stock made by NWSL in 1972. This was at least 10 years before another piece of S brass rolling stock was made. Everyone seems to want a J&L tank car in spite of their limited use.


This is my J&L tank car. I replaced the upper handrails using pipe fittings and phosphor bronze wire. I also made the Carmer Cut levers.  The trucks were made by my friend and fellow brass basher Rusty Rustermier.


J&L_Tankcar small




Shippers Car Line 148

Overland/NASG OMI-4003 Uninsulated

Jerry Glow Decals

Completed 2-24-14

SHPX 148 small



Standard Brands SIBX 6156 Vinegar Tank Car

Added 9-24-20


This car was purchased as shown 9-24-20. It is a Lehigh Valley Models wood kit assembled by Bob Hogan.

SIBX_1656_1 small SIBX_1656_2 small SIBX_1656_3 small


Got Milk?

Added 1-13-21


These are the S cars made for transporting milk. In spite of their appearance they are tank cars. They were heavily insulated, had glass lined tanks inside and were moved with passenger and fast express trains. There is a whole sub interest of modeling milk transportation. The Pflaudler cars are River Raisin made in May 1990. They are 40 feet and 47 feet long. The Bordon’s “butter dish” cars are Southwind Models made in 1990. I have had the Dairyman’s League Pflaudler car and white Bordon’s car painted for many years. In January 2021 I painted the Bakers Chocolate Pflaudler car which technically is hauling chocolate, and the silver and red Bordon’s cars.  The red and silver cars are Tru Color paint. I have just not been into weathering lately. These all were gloss coated.


Bordons_Milk_Car_1 small Bordons_Milk_Car_2 small Bordons_Milk_Car_3 small


Pflaudler_Milk_Car_1 small Pflaudler_Milk_Car_2 small Pflaudler_Milk_Car_3 small


Updated 4-17-22

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