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Shelby Lane Banner

5-25-11 to 8-15-22

We very unexpectedly lost Shelby. He was the “healthy” one – 1 of 2 that was not on any daily medicine. We did not know about his very enlarged heart. We had 24 hours from when “something could be wrong” to he collapsed and died in Pitman Animal Hospital. The space left from him not being here cannot be put into words. He was at the center of truly everything with us and our other dogs. We are devastated he is gone.

Here are some YouTube clips of Shelby from when he was younger








Shelby tag


A.K.A Squeaky LaBouche


Sir Barksalot


Born 5-25-11


He is Pickles ½ brother –

son of Rosie and Fabio




On 11-15-15 we adopted Shelby’s sister Lizzie, born on the same day. Lizzie’s page is here


Baby Shelby

This is the first photo I saw of him on Beaver Valley Doxie’s website



Taken on 6-27-11 at 1 month old


Baby_Shelby_1 small

I HIGHLY recommend BVD if you are looking for a Dachshund!

Taken on 7-6-11

Baby_Shelby_2 small



In 2 weeks time you can really see the difference in him!

Baby_Shelby_3 small


Taken on 7-12-11

Baby_Shelby_4 small


We picked Shelby up at Beaver Valley Doxies on 7-22-11

Beaver_Valley small


We wanted to meet Mama Rosie since she is Pickles Mama too and Papa Fabio but it was unbearably hot.

It was in the middle of a record breaking national heat wave. We got Shelby and headed home.


Papa Fabio                                           Mama Rosie


Fabio small Rosie small


Donna & Shelby                                  Lida & Shelby


Donna_&_Shelby small Lida_&_Shelby small



Finally Home


Baby_Shelby_5 small Baby_Shelby_6 small


 Baby_Shelby_7 small Baby_Shelby_8 small

Baby_Shelby_10 small


Shelby’s first YouTube clip is here:


Baby_Shelby_9 small


Shelby goes swimming with us for the first time on 7-31-11


Flopping those ears!


Shelby_Swimming_1 small Shelby_Swimming_2 small Shelby_Swimming_3 small


Two Cuties                       Chillin on the Deck                     Best Friends


Shelby_Swimming_4 small Shelby_Swimming_5 small Shelby_Swimming_6 small


Shelby has greenish gray eyes!


Shelby_1 small Shelby_2 small Shelby_3 small


Shelby_4 small Shelby_5 small Shelby_6 small


Added 7-6-13

I finally made a clip of Shelby as a puppy.




Pickles & Shelby at the Glassboro Dog Park on 3-15-12


Shelby_7 small


Shelby got all dressed up for his first birthday on 5-25-12


Shelby_7 small


Swimming on 6-24-12

Shelby_Swimming_7 small Shelby_Swimming_8 small



Updated 8-31-22

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