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Control Module


Module 4 small

This is the underside of the main 4’ module. You can see the control panel bolted on at the right. You can also see the diagonal brace for the panel, so there is no need for a leg for the control panel. Also note the large plugs for the power bus joining the sections together, and the patch cords for the turnout power plugged into the control panel. Since this section has 4 legs there is a spacer block for this set of legs to fold inside the other legs.


Control Module underside



This is the underside of the main 4’ control module showing how the legs fold under and lock in place with the same bolts used for setting the modules up.


Look Don no bridge rails!

Bridge Rail section

The upper left is a close up of the cut back roadbed. The upper right is an overview of the module ends. Note the dowel on the right that keys into the next section for instant alignment. The bottom is the bridge rail section that is made from sheet aluminum and custom made wood roadbed.




Here is the hardware I used. The top is the “elevator bolt” for leg levelers. On both sides are the bolt bushings I had made so that any wear will always be metal to metal and not wear out holes in the wood. Next is the bolt bushings and wing nut head bolt that I made. These bushings are ¼” pipe and washers welded together. At the bottom is the “Tee” nut used for threading into wood. I drill holes in the flange of the Tee nut and use ¾ “ nails for additional strength.


Leg Bolt

This view on the left shows the spacer block for the sections with 4 legs and the large multi-conductor plugs. The right photo shows the module connection joint.



Track Bumper


This is the removable track bumper section. The bumper is a Lehigh Valley Models kit. There are 4 nails that pin them into position.



Bakers Rack

Bakers Rack 1 small


Bakers Rack 2 small


This is the “Baker’s Rack” I made to stack the modules in for transporting them in my SUV. I have a 2003 Ford Escape. They also hold the modules for storage when not in use. It is surprisingly light and strong. The largest piece measures ¾” x 1 ½”. Note the use of Dado joints wherever possible. That is why the unit is so strong.




CJSS layout 3 small

This is both ends of the yard ladders. You can see the joiner bridge rail sections in the right photo. There are 2 removable Lehigh Valley Models track bumpers (lower left) I have since painted the bare plywood areas Tuscan because that is what I had in my airbrush that day.




CJSS Get Together 2006

Module Move

No, it was not Hands Across South Amboy! The church hall roof was leaking right on my yard module. Don Thompson directed the attendees to move the entire assembled layout 3’ to the other side of the room! You would have missed it if you blinked. The trains left on the layout did not even derail! The leak in the roof stopped shortly thereafter!



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Updated 2-25-18

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