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S Scale is currently really lacking in the variety of gondolas.



Canadian National Drop Bottom

Added 6-24-17

This car was imported by W A Drake in 1997. I must have been in my “It’s not PRR” moods when it came out, so I never got 1. Having had the gondolas here since then from others for minor repairs, I came to really like the car a lot. Others must have liked it too because they seem to sell for over $250.00+ whenever they are listed on eBay. It was sort of a bucket list car, so I finally got 1 in a trade for some unused plastic cars.


Canadian_National_Gondola_1 small Canadian_National_Gondola_3 small Canadian_National_Gondola_2 small









This car is a urethane kit that was made by Steve Funaro for Central Hobby Supply in Syracuse NY in the early 1990s. It was released at the same time as the FM flat car kit. I assembled the GRa first. It is also the first urethane kit I assembled. I was not very interested in underbody detail at that time, so there is none added on this car. There were some assembly issues with this kit. The ends were not long enough to cover the sides. They were too long to fit between the sides. So I had to compromise and notch the sides to get the ends to fit. I made all the stake pockets 1 at a time. It is currently in need of some minor repairs.


Gra small




This is a Ready To Run plastic G24 with a real wood interior.

It is made by Des Plaines Hobbies.

PRR_G24_Gondola small




Completed 10-8-12

This is a PRR G26 made by Pennsy S Models.

I used my G26a to make the N&W G3.

PRR_G26_439880 small


Completed 7-12-13

PRR_G26_440252 small




DSCF5095 small



N&W G3

Added 9-7-12


These N&W G3 are PRR G26a that are very close to the G3. When I was making these cars for my Pennsy S Models getting information on these cars was impossible. I always wanted the G3 as being something different. In August 2012 I found out that the builder’s photos were available. I contacted Jerry Glow on a whim about making decals. Jerry did an awesome job without any artwork fees. Without Jerry Glow making the decals these cars would have been painted PRR!


N&W_G3_70506 small


N&W_G3_70522 small


N&W G4

These are the same car made by Cryer Gray Foundry. I removed the tie down rail from the top rail on the PRR G30.

DSCF0772 small


NYC Gondola

This is a urethane kit produced in the early 1990s also by Steve Funaro for Central Hobby Supply of Syracuse NY. I got is partially finished in a collection. I finished it in Spring 2011.

DSCF6632 small


Thrall 2743

Added 10-17-22

This is stock out of the box Thrall 2743 gondola first made in 1995 making it “modern” in S Scale terms. The model is made by S Scale America sold only by Des Plaines Hobbies. I never saw “Oregon Steel Mills” before and liked it so I bought it.




Union Pacific Greenville Gondola

Added 6-2-19

This is a bit more of a modern gondola than the rest of my cars, made in the 1970s. It is a kit available here. I bought it as shown assembled by Bob Hogan in May 2019. The ribbed sides give a look not on any other S cars at this time.

UP_Greenville_1 small UP_Greenville_2 small

UP_Greenville_3 small UP_Greenville_4 small


Added 2-16-21

Gondola Coil Steel Covers

These coil steel gondola covers are also made by Pre-Size Model Specialties to fit the above car. I really liked the way they completely changed the look of the car without modifying it at all. The cover kit was easy to assemble. 

UP_Greenville_5 small UP_Greenville_6 small UP_Greenville_7. smalljpg


Tourist Gondola

Added 12-25-19

This tourist gondola was on eBay in December 2019. I never saw 1 in S Scale before so I gave it a bid and won. I think it is scratchbuilt but might be an On3 car. It has Ace Archbar trucks on it. I am not crazy about it being orange but will likely remain as is. Note the long bench seats inside. I might make it as a car for my fictitious West Deptford & Wildwood Railroad.  It is something different and unique for the caboose track.

Tourist_Gondola_1 small Tourist_Gondola_2 small



Updated 10-17-22

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