S Scale Layout For Sale

This is a sectional S Scale layout for sale. It is a complete, ready to run layout that has code 100 track, not suitable for running anything American Flyer made. The history of the layout is it was made by the Lehigh Valley S Gaugers to take to train shows and promote S Scale. It is sectional, not modular. Each section must be connected to the next section it was designed for. Modular layouts can be set up in different plans as the ends meet a standard that are interchangeable.

The footprint is 8 feet x 16 feet

There are about 10 Frank Titman built Lehigh Valley Models buildings included. What you see is what you get. There are air powered turnouts and some electric powered turnouts. The sections are sitting in place not joined tight. There are many custom made joiner tracks not put in place. A small additional side section that held a creamery (not included) is included but not shown. That is not necessary to set that section up. The legs fold up under the sections.


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A NCE DCC system is included in the sale. It truly is a ready to run layout.

As shown about the layout is in a garage. Just back up and load out. It is in Wenonah NJ just across the river from the Philadelphia Airport. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer. You should probably get about a 20 long truck just to flop it down flat on the floor with padding.



If this link is live the layout is still for sale.

It you had the time you could not build this layout for $2500.00 let alone $1500.00 There are not going to be any more Frank Titman built buildings so it has historic significance as well.

Layout is as is where is. There are no returns or refunds for ANY reason. If you buy it, it is yours.


Contact John Peters peachkoblerpie@comcast.net (215) 219-7813